Party Tips

Let’s keep this simple, short and sweet. This will be useful for all birthday parties, a list of important tips and ideas accumulated over the years, in the perspective of a party planner. Here we go!


1) Send out Invitation Cards!

Thankfully with today’s technology, this can be done in digital form, and the most convenient choice is by Whatsapp. Click on this simple web-based invitation card generator, and it will only take you less than 10 minutes. Remember to include important details such as your child’s name, the full address, date, and time! Trust me, this will be a life-saver, and you’ll save yourself the unnecessary phone calls from your guests because the invitation cards will answer most their questions.

2) Make sure you cater your entertainment at the right time

If your invitation card states 6pm to 9pm, you should start your entertainment at 6.30pm or even 7pm. An ideal scenario for a 6-9pm party is to have a side entertainment like Balloon Sculpting from 6.30-7.30pm, followed by a Magic Show from 7.30pm-8pm, and finishing off with the cake cutting from 8pm-8.15pm.


3) Have a checklist of your guests

It is important to let your guests know that RSVP is a must, whether if its a green or red light. As parents themselves, they should understand the process of hosting birthday parties, and RSVP is important to keep track for the amount of food to order among many other things.


4) Plan with the little one

As crazy as it sounds, do involve your child in the planning if he/she’s old enough. Regardless if they will contribute or not, they will definitely appreciate their party more, and their involvement will also make them look forward to the actual party day itself.


5) Delegate tasks

It is difficult to “one-man-show” a party, and unless you’re a super mummy, it is important to delegate tasks accordingly, such as who to collect the cake, who to keep track of RSVPs, and so-on. To minimize your tasks, you can also consider paying a little bit more for services like delivery such as the cake (say $20-$30 delivery charge?). Ultimately, weigh your time and opportunity costs accordingly!


6) Choosing the day of the party

It is important to remember to have the day and time of the party as an appropriate time, taking into consideration of the following day. An example of a least favorable timing would be having a party at 7pm on a Sunday night, where the adults have work and kids have school the next day. Even if you’re a stay-home-mum and your 2 year old kid doesn’t have school the next day, put yourself in others’ shoes! 🙂


7) Choosing the Venue

Home Parties are generally most cost effective than hired venues, with the flexibility of timing and date. I would personally classify Condominiums’ functions as “House Parties” too, so if you have a close friend or a nice sibling who happens to live in a nice condominium, check if them if they’re keen to help you to book their function room. It usually costs nothing!

For hired venues on the other hand, it can be more exciting and convenient, making your job a lot easier!


8) Difference in Pricings***

As much as we try to keep our prices competitive, it is inevitable that Company X will be cheaper than Company Y, and 2 days later you find out Company Z is cheaper than Company Y. This cycle can repeat and go on and on.

As most of the things you pay for are in the form of services, it is hard to put a value to it as it is not a physical product. At the end of the day, the difference could be a mere $50-100 difference, perhaps more, perhaps less.

The point here is this; you’re spending at least $1,000 for your child’s entire party; the food, venue, decorations, entertainment etc. If that $50-100 difference will make you cringe, then by all means go for the cheaper option. As a experienced party planner, our advice to you is to go with someone you’re COMFORTABLE with. Talk to them, ask questions, and eventually knowing the party planner as a person, rather than just a vendor.

At Party Heart, we treat every party and children like they’re our own. An event like your child’s birthday is not something to be taken lightly for; and you should always look beyond the price tag.


9) Talk to us!

Having said so much, this list of party tips could go on and on and on. Do talk to us with whatever concern you may have and we will be happy to speak to you like a friend, to provide you with opinions and suggestions. You have our word that we will treat every party like it’s our own!

Any Questions in Mind?