Magic & Balloon


Ever thought where do magicians learn their magic? Where do the balloonist learn all the wonderful and amazing balloon sculptures?


Our workshops might not turn you into a instant professional, but its definitely a good stepping stone to get your basics down. We have done countless workshops for many venues from schools, grassroots communities, companies during their lunch time hour enrichment programs; the list goes on and on.



Our Magic Workshops are customized in a way that you’ll learn “self-working”  tricks that require minimum or no practice! We also try to use simple daily objects like cards, coins, straws, rubber bands etc, to keep it simple; no expensive props! These tricks are “skills” that’ll be with you for a lifetime.



Our Balloon Sculpting Workshops are for beginners, and we guarantee that everyone will learn something at the end of the day, regardless your skills. Materials will all be provided, and you get to bring home your self-made balloons to your little ones. This is a great skill to show off in your next party or gathering!


All in all, our workshops are hassle-free, suitable for all ages, and great for beginners.

As the saying goes, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!