Face Painting

Children love to get their faces or hands painted in different colours. High quality and safe cosmetic paint are used to “transform” kids into their desired characters!


Does it have any side effects?

We’ve painted HUNDREDS of kids up to date, and haven’t had any incidents of side effects. Our face painting kit comes from a well-known cosmetic brand from Australia, and are FDA Certified.


How long should I book for my party?

Comfortably, we can paint approx 15 kids per hour. Bear in mind, our job is not just to paint like a robot, but to entertain as well! Be sure to check with us if you’re unsure, we will be happy to listen and give the appropriate suggestions.


What is the recommended age for Face Painting?

Comfortable, age 4 and above is ideal for face painting. We can do 3 year olds, but will probably be ideal for the kid to sit on the adult’s lap, accompanied when he/she gets painted.


Can you draw ANYTHING?

If you can find it in Google Image, we can draw it! However, bear in mind that complicated designs will generally take a much longer time.




Our friendly team of painters is guaranteed to make your day at the next party. Let us add colours and sparkles to your special occasion and create a delightful experience!