Airbrush tattoo are waterproof & comes in a wide variety of designs! Without a doubt, it is also the MOST REALISTIC form of temporary tattoo available in the entire market!


Does it hurt?

No! It probably tickles a little. However, the looks of the tattoo “gun” and the sound it makes can be quite intimidating, so we probably won’t recommend Airbrush Tattoo for kids under 3 years old.


How long does it last?

Airbrush Tattoo are long-lasting up to 3-7 days depending on the design and the placement of the tattoo.


Will the tattoo come off when I go for a bathe?

Airbrush Tattoo are waterproof and pretty hardy. This means that Airbrush Tattoo are not afraid of perspiration and are ideal for poolside parties. This also means that your little ones do not have an excuse to skip a bath!


How do I get the Tattoo off then?

We understand sometimes children have to go to school on the following day. No worries, the Airbrush Tattoo can be easily removed with an alcohol swipe or light scrubbing from a soft brush. And no, it wouldn’t hurt a bit!