About Party Heart

Party Heart is a Singapore based events planner, which specializes in children’s entertainment. We have completed and supported hundreds of events and parties; Party Heart knows it best.


We strive to be the HEART of your parties, providing solutions to all your party needs. With a dedicated and passionate team of entertainers, we always believe in high standards and the best quality in our services. Besides providing top-notch entertainment services, it’s also our top priority to give you a peace of mind with our reliability and commitment. We will never take a job unless we’re confident!


Planning a party can be quite a headache, so leave it to the professionals to make your loved ones special day a memorable one.

Why Us?

At Party Heart, most of our party entertainers are full time professionals, and have been through countless of parties. Our job is not just to deliver the services, but to ENSURE the following:


- Professionalism

- Great fun for the kids and even adults

- Convenience

- Hassle-free

- Reliability


Ultimately, you want the best for your child’s special day, and to keep it simple, having professionals to handle it for you will minimize or even eliminate hiccups throughout your event. As a party planner, we totally understand the trouble and mental stress that parents have to go through to make sure everything is perfect (usually the mummies!), and we are here to take away that burden.


Our advice and experience have come from a long mileage of parties, and once again we cannot emphasize how important it is to keep things convenient, hassle-free, but most importantly, reliable. It is important to know that we treat each and every single children like one of our own.


So how do we know we are doing a good job? Our repeated clients not only engage us again; we actually feel like we are “invited” to their parties. That is our ultimate joy, pride, and goal, knowing that we have made a difference.